Flo­ri­an-Gey­er-Stra­ße  |  Dres­den

Florian-Geyer-Strasse, Dresden

  • Category:
    Residential / Hotel
  • Client:
    Wohnungsgenossenschaft Johannstadt eG, Dresden
  • Architect:
    Dipl.-Ing. H. Gebhardt, Dresden
  • Construction:
    ca. 1,350 m² mullion/transom façades (aluminium) incl. smoke-and-heat extraction inset window (aluminium), punch-through windows (aluminium)
  • Metal construction cost:
    ca. € 450,000 share of the cost
  • Special features:
    Reconstruction of nine stairwells incl. lobbies, some high glass loads because of the dimensions of the lobbies, connection of the façades to the existing structure