Ran­ge of ser­vices

1. Detail­ed design of faça­des. Joint pre­pa­ra­ti­on of ele­va­ti­on and detail­ed drawings with the archi­tect.

2. Struc­tu­ral ana­ly­sis. Pro­ject-rela­ted struc­tu­ral ana­ly­sis (veri­fia­ble cal­cu­la­ti­on for­mat) and pre-dimen­sio­ning for metal and faça­de con­struc­tion.

3. Work­shop design in the field of faça­de con­struc­tion. Pre­pa­ra­ti­on of manu­fac­tu­ring docu­ments (parts lists, pre-cut mate­ri­al she­ets, lay­out drawings, etc.).

4. Pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for the pro­cu­re­ment of mate­ri­als.

5. Pre­pa­ra­ti­on of the requi­red assem­bly docu­ments.

6. Site super­vi­si­on of faça­de work.

7. Mea­su­ring and eva­lua­ti­on of com­ple­ted works (also avail­ab­le for indi­vi­du­al fea­tures such as ope­nings, align­ments, datum lines, etc.).

8. Detail­ed and work­shop design of fire and smo­ke pro­tec­tion ele­ments.

9. Con­sul­tan­cy ser­vices and sup­port for archi­tec­ts and public con­trac­tors.

10. Ten­de­ring for metal and faça­de con­struc­tion, all sec­tions as per the HOAI (Offi­ci­al Sca­le of Fees for Ser­vices by Archi­tec­ts and Engi­neers).

11. Experts’ reports in the field of metal and faça­de con­struc­tion.

‘Metal con­struc­tion’ inclu­des alu­mi­ni­um, steel, wood and glass.
‘Faça­de con­struc­tion’ com­pri­ses both metal and rear-ven­ti­la­ted curtain wall faça­de con­struc­tion, e.g. of fib­re cement and sheet metal. Our exper­ti­se also extends to rela­ted fields.

Mit unse­ren Part­nern bie­ten wir dar­über hin­aus, als Ergän­zung zu unse­ren Leis­tun­gen, noch fol­gen­des an:

3D – Fas­sa­den­auf­maß

⦁ Bau­phy­si­ka­li­sche Nach­wei­se (z. Bsp. Schall- und Wär­me­schutz)

⦁ spe­zi­el­le Nach­wei­se für Glas­kon­struk­tio­nen (z. Bsp. punkt­ge­hal­te­ne Ver­gla­sung)

⦁ Wind­gut­ach­ten für spe­zi­el­le Anwen­dun­gen von VHF-Fas­sa­den

Unse­re Leis­tun­gen ent­spre­chen im Wesent­li­chen den Leis­tun­gen gemäß der HOAI, VFT – Werk- und Mon­ta­ge­pla­nung sowie AHO-Schrif­ten­heft Nr. 28 (jeweils in der aktu­ells­ten Fas­sung).

Zusam­men­kom­men ist ein Beginn,
zusam­men­blei­ben ist ein Fort­schritt,
zusam­men­ar­bei­ten ist ein Erfolg.
Hen­ry Ford